Thursday, July 31, 2014



My name is Cayla,

I am 14

My dream is to be a writer/photographer

I am homeschooled (and have been my whole life)

My favorite colors are green/purple/yellow

This is me, and this blog is about my life.

I will talk about my journey though learning about photography and the photos I have gotten, as I just got my first 'nice' camera:(Nikon, D80).

I will talk about my love for writing and the different stories I am writing about.

I will talk about my amazingly crazy life as a homeschooled teenager that rides Dirt Bikes and Hula Hoops and hangs out with her "Fairy Motorcycle family."

I will do reviews on my favorite novels such as "Grimm Sisters" "Dreamland" "If I Stay" "The Maze Runner" and other amazing novels.

Welcome to my life.

I will be posting every Monday and sometimes more often then that :).

Thanks everyone I am so excited!

(I will do my first post Monday. I will talk about my new camera and my first 'photo shoot' at Edward McKays)