About Cayla


My name is Cayla Ann. My favorite colors are green, purple and yellow. I LOVE Christmas and Halloween (who wouldn't -- you get to dress up!) My dream is to be an author that inspires other young writers. I love to hula hoop and dance. I love photography and my Nikon D80 is awesome.

Well thats some basic stuff about me. Here is some more in depth info :)

I want to live downtown Wilmington because

A. The beach
B. Its beautiful
C. I love how everybody seems to know everybody and
D. I love the little downtown ice cream shop's and the bookstore where the owner will just let you sit and read as long as you want.

Its the little things that make Wilmington so awesome.

Most of my novels are based in Wilmington because of all the facts above.

I love to laugh. And make others laugh.

I love fairytales, Grimm stories and Aesop fables.

I love reading. Like LOVE. I love how I can be in someone else's world. I love the fact that these characters are people someone thought up, created, and wanted to introduce to the world. I love the feeling I get when I just can't put a book down and am on the edge of my seat.

Photography is my kind of art. I love taking portraits. I love how in just one simple photo you can catch a single amazing moment. I love showing people that it doesn't matter your size or if your different -- EVERYBODY is beautiful. I love capturing someones laugh or silly face. Capturing these moments on my camera is art.

Writing is my hobby. My job. My dream. I love the fact I get to create a world, characters show up and want ME to tell their stories. I love it.

I love to sing, dance, babysit, ride dirt bikes and so much more.

Well this is me :)



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