Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The End Of 2015

Last year in the very beginning of 2015 I really got into blogging but it didn't last long. Life. Ha!

My goal for this year is to get back into blogging and post regularly. The plan : I will start posting book reviews and more photography stuff on here, along with my youtube/booktube videos.

My goals for 2016 ...

-Post more often on my blog :) AND doing a couple book reviews a month

-Booktube Plans (A video will be linked below)

-Read 100+ books this year (mostly the unreads I have on my shelf.)

-To slow down on the amount of books I have been buying (its an addiction :)

Now, time to talk about the past year. This year has been crazy and amazing and just perfect, filled with a lot of crazy adventures and amazing books.

So lets talk about the books :)
Here is a video of me talking about all the books I read in 2015:

Thank you so much for watching and for reading. Let me know in the comments (of this post or on my booktube video) what books you read in 2015!!

Cayla <3