Monday, August 18, 2014

Me, Myself, and I: Self Portraits

So the other day I was practicing taking self portraits (and it is harder then it looks :) and I got a few that I really liked and thought I would share them with you.

(this photo was supposed to be my whole face but ended up only getting half my face, but I actually liked it :)

Now getting this photo was a pain it took me forever to get the focus right but when it finally worked I was quite proud :)

( My attempt at fake laughing :)

( This one wasn't supposed to be blurry but I really liked the outcome anyway :)

(I really love this photo as it kind of shows off my nose ring :)

( Much better fake laughing )

I REALLY love this picture!

( My sister got me to really laugh :)

I really had fun taking these photos and hope you guys like them :)

((My next post is going to be about (with photographs I got and PS: i did her makeup :) one of my best friends (your one of my besties too Lauren :)  Sammy ( Her awesome blog: Truly, Sam :)


P.S. All of these pictures ARE self portraits. All of these pictures were set up and taken by me (though me sister did get me to laugh) with no help. Hope you guys liked the photos :)

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