Monday, August 25, 2014

Pixie Girls: Sammy and Hannah

Just the other day we had are great friends Sammy and Lauren over and I thought it would be really fun to do a blog post about Hannah and Sammy and their new pixie hair cuts <3 Hannah and Sammy thought it would be fun and so I got tons of awesome photographs :)

This first photo they actually were taking a photo with Sammy's phone but I thought it was a cute picture non the less :) 

This one too was them taking a picture with there phone but it still was a cute picture too :)

Sammy was talking about a movie she liked and it was just too cute a pose to not take a picture of :) 

Besties <3


Sammy was doing Hannahs makeup (I did Sammys:) and I really liked this photo. 

Picture of Hannahs makeup after Sammy did it :) Close-up

Playing on the swing



Bestfriends <3

playing on the swing :)


I LOVE this pic <3


Laughter is the best medicine <3 :)

Hope you guys enjoyed these pictures because I had a blast taking them :) Thanking you Hannah and Sammy for letting me take pictures and posing for me <3

My next post will be about writing or a book review :)

Please comment on what photos you liked more or less and if you would rather me do a book review or about what I am writing :)


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