Thursday, January 22, 2015

How To Be The Favorite Babysitter:

I had a favorite babysitter as a child: Aunt Rachel. She was my favorite for many reasons! I loved whenever she came over because I knew it would be tons of fun!!  Since then, I model my babysitting from her example.

And heres how -

(1) I Always (ALWAYS) have exciting fun game ideas. Whether its building a space ship (tent with blankets and chairs) or fighting aliens, pretending we are camping in the woods while looking out for bears and monsters. I try to be the kind of babysitter a kid actually LOOKS FORWARD to coming over because they know it means fun.

(2) I try to be their friend while also being their babysitter. This can sometimes be difficult when a child throws a tantrum. But. You are the one left in charge. The parents trust you to take care of their children so you still must make sure you abide by the rules the parents want their children to follow.

(3) I care about their opinion. Listen to what they want to play and actually take it into account. They will respect you and appreciate it when you listen to their feelings and show you care. Make sure everybody is okay with the game/movie/ you will be playing. If you are babysitting more then one child at a time, try to take turns with who gets to pick out what.

These are just a few ways to become a favorite babysitter. Stay tuned for more.

And don't forget : always be full of imagination and fun! 


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  1. Thanks for writing this Cayla! I'm hoping to become a nanny this summer when I turn 16 so this will help ;).