Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Books of January

Its almost the end of January and I read a TON of books! I thought it would be fun to share bits and pieces of my thoughts on them :)

Fangirl, By: Rainbow Rowell 

Where She Went, By: Gayle Forman ( sequel to If I Stay )

Wicked Lovely, By: Melissa Marr

Ink Exchange, By: Melissa Marr ( second in the Wicked Lovely Series )

They were all amazing books and well written. 

My favorite out of the ones I read was:

Where She Went. 

I would almost say it was better than its prequel, If I Stay. I loved the way it went into how it changed her life and how she dealt with the pain of losing her family. It was much better written than the first one and made me feel more connected with the main characters; bringing me closer to them and their story.

My least favorite of the January reads :


It wasn't terrible. I did like how it showed this girl and her sister being pulled apart and how hard that can be and how it effects us as we grow older. It was well written and brought me into the story well. Although it was very slow paced and different. It wasn't bad but not my favorite. Not one I would keep on my bookshelf forever.

Now, as we go into Feb - these are my personal reading goals--

One classic

One scary book

A trilogy

A re-told fairy tale

I hope everybody has had a great beginning to 2015 !

Read. Laugh. Love. 


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