Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Favorite Moments Of January

This January has been full of crazy fun, silly faces, Bojangles, dressing up in beautiful vintage dresses and more!

Here are some of my favorite moments of this past January! :)

In the very beginning of the month I got to hang out with our awesome homeschool group! We played tons of board games and ran around the woods for quite a while :)

It was tons of fun!

This past month I have gotten to spend more time with my cousin Luna and my amazing Aunt Rachel! We have gone out for Thai food, made homemade cookies and she and my Uncle Chris have taught me many new board games! :) Thanks for hanging out with me I love you guys! <3

I love this photo of me and Luna!!! Love you my little moon girl <3

And of course doing crazy face-masked monster faces! 

Our cousins Chloe and Fiona came over for a awesome two-day sleepover and we got to jump on the trampoline (and it was soaking wet so we ended up sliding all over the place :) wear crazy face masks, do a photo shoot and they even introduced us to some awesome movies!

And of course going to rollerskating with these awesome girls!

And hanging out with the Murray's practicing wheelchair wheelies! (Chloe is awesome at wheelchair wheelies by the way!  <3)

Lemme take a selfie! I think Emma was a little overwhelmed with all the kids (especially when we ate that cake out of the pan... :) but of course we had to get a picture with everybody in it :)

My lovely (crazy) family in the car headed downtown because it wasn't raining that day :) We walked around and then ended up at Tyler's and played games and ate there! 

And we can't forget Repticon! Thank you Charlotte and Chloe for joining us at Repticon it was so much fun!!! We got to hold all kinds of snakes, turtles and even a few lizards :)

I had such a great time going over to my grandparents! We girls got to hang out and talk and of course try on beautiful vintage dresses that we couldn't help having a bit of fun with! <3

I love this photo of us! Thanks Grandma (and Aunt Rachel) for taking tons (Tons :) of photos of us !! 

And this too cute photo of Luna in her Mothers and Aunts old shirt they wore when they were little :)

And too end this amazing month with a bit blurry dog-pile photo of me, my Aunt Rachel, my Grandma, and my cousins Fiona and Chloe! Love you girls so much! <3        

This month has been amazing! Thank you everybody who has been apart of it! I will always cherish these moments and the people that sadly couldn't be apart of them.

I hope everybody else had as amazing a month as I did! <3



  1. Aw, I love to see you having a ton of fun Cayla! Those vintage dresses looked fancy as well :P. Glad to see your treasuring your fun moments as well! :)

    1. Thank you! And yes always <3 we need to get together sometime I am hoping we can go to Flannerys birthday party :)

  2. I really like the vintage dresses and your dress in the following picture.